The benefits of RangePro are unparalleled to any golf booking system you've ever used. You'll spend less time in the office, and more time out on the golf course.

Client-Side Features

Simple to Use

User-Friendly Interface

RangePro comes with an intuitive client-facing booking system, and professional administrative backend. The user experience of both are tailored to golf professionals and their clients from input given by and collected from other golf professionals.

Tailored to Your Academy

Lessons, Clinics & Camps

RangePro allows you to set up your lessons, clinics, or camps to your's or your academy's exact specifications, with extensible and intuitive settings for private lessons, semi private lessons, course series', camps, and more.

Golf for All, In One Place

Friends & Family

Your clients can use their RangePro account to not only book for themselves, but for friends and family as well! This makes multi-person bookings much more intuitive and user-friendly.

Give the Gift of Ggolf

Gift Certificates

You can offer digital gift certificates or gift cards through RangePro! Clients will be able to purchase them, and offer them to friends and family via email directly from the RangePro booking system.

Accept Payments with Ease

PayPal Integration

Each RangePro installation includes an integrated PayPal payment gateway. Just connect your account and you're good to go!

See What's Open

Class Threshold

During registration, RangePro will let the user know if a class, lesson, or camp is almost full, and let them know just how many spots are left.

Instructor Features

Match It To Your Website

Customizable Themes

RangePro's customizable styling allows you to match your brand identity to your booking system, allowing users to seamlessly browse from the time they hit your website to the time they hit the golf course.

Simple Client Management  


RangePro isn't just one of the best golf lesson booking systems on the market. It's also a fully functional, powerful CRM. With all of your lessons and bookings organized into a handy calendar, and each client's information at the tip of your fingers, you'll have more time to dedicate to the best part of your business.

A Highly Secure System


Each RangePro installation has built in security to best protect data for both your customers and your business.

Save Tons of Time

Multiple Booking, Locations
and Instructors

We make managing your clients & classes easy. RangePro allows you to setup multiple bookings, locations, and instructors with ease!

Automate Your Billings

Invoicing System

RangePro comes with an invoicing system that helps you manage what your customers owe, show who has paid, and follow up with outstanding invoices.

Retain Future Customers

Waiting List

RangePro you to set up a waiting list for your classes, lessons or clinics, allowing clients to register for the next available spot.

Additional Features

  • Full client contact database
  • Client gift certificates and credits available to view/manage in Administrator mode
  • Lesson packages available to bundle (ie. 10-pack of lessons)
  • Manage multiple instructors:
    • Calendar
    • Availability
    • Lesson/Camp/Clinic history
    • Individual instructor lesson pricing
    • Each instructor has separate login to manage own schedule/classes/etc.
  • Manage multiple courses/clinics:
    • Individual class list for each course/clinic
    • Sales page for each course/clinic created to market online
    • Separate each course/clinic by league
  • Multiple lesson types can be configured with independent pricing, package pricing
  • Multiple locations
  • Configurable settings:
    • # of hours before a lesson can be cancelled
    • # of hours before a class can be cancelled
    • Terms for “clinic” and “camp”
    • Length of time for booking slots
  • Easy copy and paste client import feature
  • CSV client export feature
  • Full invoices list: searchable/sortable
  • Unpaid invoice report
  • Revenue report, broken down by location, booking type, date
  • RangePro is a no brainer!

    For many years I didn't think a booking system was necessary. It was only once I started using RangePro that I realized how much of my administrative workload it eliminated. Ultimately, RangePro is a no brainer!

    Andrew Rice Managing Director, Andrew Rice Golf

  • Easy, Effortless, and Efficient.

    Range Pro booking system has provided me the best opportunity to improve my clients coaching experience. Range Pro is an essential piece to your company’s on line needs in addition to tracking customers accounts and commerce.

    Danny King Director of Instruction, Performance Academy at Magna

  • An absolute essential for all golf instructors!

    Whether you're just starting up your golf lessons, or are a well-established academy, you need to get Range Pro. It has completely changed how I managed my clients and timetable, and frees me up to spend more time giving lessons. You'll wonder what you did without it all this time!

    David Fritz Director, David Fritz Golf Academy