We want to make sure you have all the info you need before you make RangePro a part of your golf course or academy. 

How easy is RangePro to use for my clients?

RangePro is one of the simplest (if not the simplest) booking systems and CRMs made by golf professionals for golf professionals. Our industry knowledge has allowed us to develop RangePro with your clients specifically in mind.

Can my clients manage their own bookings?

Absolutely - that's one of the main points of RangePro. RangePro makes it easy for your clients to manage their own golf lessons, golf clinics, and golf camps - all from the comfort of their computer or mobile device.

Will RangePro help me manage my clients?

RangePro is equal parts a booking system and a CRM. Each installation of RangePro comes with a customer facing side for your clients to manage their bookings, and an administrative side for you to manage bookings, clients, and more internally.

How much control over my bookings will I have?

You will have complete control over everything with RangePro! You can custom tailor your lessons, clinics, and camps to your exact specifications, including pricing, availability, instructor, and more.

Is there a learning curve to RangePro?

There is no learning curve at all! RangePro is not only developed to be easy to use for your client - but easy to use for you as well. Each installation of RangePro comes with a completely managable administrative back-end that is robust but not complicated to use.

Can I offer gift cards through RangePro?

One of RangePro's features is that you can offer digitial gift certficates that your clients can purchase and either use themselves, or send to friends and family.

Can my client manage friends and family from one account?

RangePro allows your clients to manage bookings for their friends and family. Your client will be the primary account holder, but will have options to include friends, spouses, children, and other family members, and make individual bookings for them.

How will RangePro look with my website?

RangePro's customizable styling allows you to make your website and your RangePro golf lesson booking system match, allowing users to seamlessly browse from the time they hit your website to the time they hit the golf course.

I don't have a website. Can I still get RangePro?

Of course! Your RangePro will just have a default template with your name (of your company name) in text at the top of the page (or your logo, if applicable). We can refer you to an expert web design company however, should you wish to get a website.

Can I list one or more location with RangePro?

Yes, you can list multiple locations for your golf academy with RangePro, and even assign specific instructors to specific locations for lessons, camps, or clinics.

  • RangePro is a no brainer!

    For many years I didn't think a booking system was necessary. It was only once I started using RangePro that I realized how much of my administrative workload it eliminated. Ultimately, RangePro is a no brainer!

    Andrew Rice Managing Director, Andrew Rice Golf

  • Easy, Effortless, and Efficient.

    Range Pro booking system has provided me the best opportunity to improve my clients coaching experience. Range Pro is an essential piece to your company’s on line needs in addition to tracking customers accounts and commerce.

    Danny King Director of Instruction, Performance Academy at Magna

  • An absolute essential for all golf instructors!

    Whether you're just starting up your golf lessons, or are a well-established academy, you need to get Range Pro. It has completely changed how I managed my clients and timetable, and frees me up to spend more time giving lessons. You'll wonder what you did without it all this time!

    David Fritz Director, David Fritz Golf Academy